Karibu Kilimanjaro Initiatives

About Kilimanjaro Initiatives

Kilimanjaro Initiatives (KI) is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) / Non-Profit (NP) established in 2015 and it is still on registration process according to Tanzania Laws/Procedures. The Main aim of our NGO is to promote sustainable development / utilization / management of natural, cultural, social and economic resources while improving livelihood and security of the people of Tanzania and the world as a whole through spatial technologies (“Working in 5-Dimensions”) .

The Organization Objectives:

  • To promote the use of Geographical Information System (GIS).
  • To Empower/Awake the general public to use spatial technologies.
  • To initiate, promote and coordinate the use spatial technologies in decision making in public and/or private sectors.

    The Organization Units:

  • GIS Education.
  • Spatial/GIS Data Capture/Storage/Analysis/GIS Modeling.
  • GIS Software/Web Mapping/Mobile Application Developments.

  • Contacts

    Physical Contacts

    Kilimanjaro Initiatives,
    Foo Village, Machame,
    Hai, Kilimanjaro,

    Web Contacts

    e-mail: info@kilin.or.tz
    Website: http://www.kilin.or.tz

    Useful Links

    Tanzania Government
    Tazania Ecotourism
    Tanzania Tourist Board
    World Heritage Site

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